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The “Digital Ship Structural Health Monitoring” (dTHOR) project was selected among the EDF 2021 European Projects funded by the European Commission, with a duration of three years. The dTHOR consortium, coordinated by SINTEF A.S., proposes to develop the next generation of a predictive Ship Structural Health Monitoring (SSHM) system based on innovative utilization of sensor measurement and hybrid analysis modelling enabling digital twins with high physical realism.

Also, the intention behind the dTHOR project is to enable:

The work of dTHOR is structured around four blocks:


Enabling Technologies


Application Technologies


Requirements and Specifications


Use Cases and Technology demonstrator

By developing a highly efficient, accurate and reliable ship’s health monitoring system based on commonly agreed framework and publicly available standards, the dTHOR consortium is looking towards the improvement and modernization of the European digital capabilities in the naval sector.

dTHOR acronym (digital ship sTructural Health mOnitoRing) has been chosen for our project as Thor in Germanic mythology (Tor in Viking mythology) is the hammer-wielding God associated with strength and the protection of mankind which is an underlying aim for the present project proposal. ​ The letter "d" in mathematics is used as a symbol for "differentiation" which is associated with changes and dTHOR aims to enable game changing potential for improved resilience of naval ships through innovative use of digital technologies.​

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